1 If By Land Tours

Nick - October 2018 - Airbnb

This tour was COMPLETELY AMAZING!!! Over-exceeded my expectations from the first minute. Ira is INCREDIBLY well researched, and includes photo proof of historic documents along the tour. He’s incredibly engaging the entire time and a wealth of knowledge. I would highly recommend him to anyone visiting Boston!!

Bec - October 2018 - Airbnb

I have done my fair share of walking tours around the world, but Ira’s is by far the best ever!! History, humour, food tip - he brings it all! And an iPad to really show you how much the city has changed. It was an exceptional experience and a must do for anyone visiting Boston - even if you’ve been here before! Thank you Ira, you’re a legend!

Soha - October 2018 - Airbnb

Ira is a brilliant guide, and honestly, for the amount paid I wasn't expecting such an awesome, well informed and kind tour guide who knows Boston to the core! He knows so much about Boston, and is more than willing to share the soul of Boston with visitors! Highly recommended!!!

Colleen - August 2018 - tripadvisor

I took Ira's tour a month ago, and haven't stopped thinking about it since! A friend recommended I take his tour and I expected it to be similar to a lot of other tours of Boston I've taken -- boy was I surprised! Over the course of the two hours we were with him, Ira taught us things about Boston and its history that I would have never discovered otherwise. One of my favorite parts though, was that Ira was able to recommend sites to check out after the tour, and steer us away from those that aren't worth the time/money. I've visited a couple since (Arlington Street Church is a must!) and have been so impressed with his recommendations. Ira's knowledge of Boston and his passion for sharing that history with others is unparalleled. If you want to get to really get to know the city and its stories, 1 If By Land is a must do when you're in Boston!

Isabel - July 2018 - tripadvisor

Ira’s tour was great. It was so informative. I am from the Boston area and have done many tours before, but I still learned tons of new things I had never heard before. This is great way to see the city, from the most popular sites to some great hidden gems. Definitely recommend taking this tour!

Leo - June 2018 - Airbnb

I could not imagine returning to Boston without taking Ira’s walking tour again. He has such a plethora of knowledge that I am certain one tour would not suffice. Ira was not only an absolute pleasure, but a treasure trove of Boston history, architecture and folklore. Whereas the other tours may drive you around showing you the city superficially. Ira would get you totally immersed you in it! He went above and beyond the call of duty. Afterwards we treated him to lunch, where he continued to educate and entertain us. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone going to Boston to take Ira’s walking tour (don’t tell him this, but his tour is worth much more than he charges) Thanks Ira!

Marzanna - July 2018 tripadvisor

Great tour. Ira is a fantastic tour guide. I can not say enough about how much I enjoy walking and listening to his stories. The best spent time walking through Boston with someone who is exceptionally knowledgeable in its history and pashonet about it as well. In addition Ira provided photos of past and present times of the same spots or point of interests. This is not always offered, but makes history so much more interesting. If I would have the opportunity to book a tour with Ira again, I would do it without a blink of an eye. He was also very accommodating.
Thank you Ira.

Andrew - July 2018 - Airbnb

We LOVED our walking tour with Ira! He is so friendly and knowledgeable. We only had one full day in Boston, so we wanted to find a tour that would allow us to see and learn as much possible - Ira's tour certainly delivered! We walked around Boston for several hours, but never got tired - the tour was fun and informative from start to finish! It was awesome to have such an experienced guide without the huge tour group feel - so much more personal this way! We toured and learned about the Boston Public Garden, Beacon Hill, the site of the Boston Massacre, the State House, and more! Ira also had a great collection of photos to share along the way. It really enhanced the tour to be able to compare what we were looking at in the present to how it looked in the past. If you only have one day in Boston like we did, this is the perfect tour to maximize how much you can see and learn in a day. And if you're lucky enough to have more time in town, then there's really no excuse - Ira's tour is a must-do!

Melody - August 2018 - Airbnb

Ira was an absolutely fantastic tour guide and I recommend him VERY highly!! My son and I visited Boston as complete newcomers as he is going to be a student at Harvard. Ira was flexible in his arrangements with us, was extremely personable and friendly, and was an absolute wealth of knowledge about the history and architecture of the area! We both thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour with him and learned so much!! It's a fantastic memory of our trip. Ira's the best -- definitely book this tour if you want to learn about Boston in a small group where you can linger and ask questions rather than being confined to what a large group is doing! I'd highly recommend him and this tour to anyone!

Johnny - June 2018 - tripadvisor

I know Boston very well and pride myself on knowing its history, and still found myself learning something new in every block of this conversational walking tour. The route showcases some of the most beautiful sites in the city, and the tour guide was very knowledgeable without being dry. While most other tours give a heavy dose of Colonial Boston and American Revolution, this tour offers much more in terms of explaining how Boston went from a tiny isolated peninsula in the 1600s to the bustling city of present day, with pictures and anecdotes well-spaced throughout the tour. Highly recommended!

Pavlo - September 2018 - Airbnb

It's been my distinct pleasure meeting Ira and taking a tour of Boston accompanied by two other lucky participants and Ira's unique stories and facts about this beautiful place. I enjoyed every moment of this exceptional 3-hours walk. The time flew so fast we hadn't even noticed as we got back to the starting point. The information that I learned from Ira was well structured and also illustrated by the pictures from the past times, and that created a vivid perspective of how the city had been progressing to the way it looks now. Epic experience - highly recommend to everyone.